Our principle aim is to give you the information and insight you need to keep control and track all of the products you order from us.

We've worked hard to make our business intelligence, ordering and reporting tools easy to use and intuitive. That's how you can save time and focus on your stores. All the information is easy to display in a dashboard designed for you and is visualised so that you can make swift assessments and decisions.

Bunzl Select is a convenient and secure online ordering platform that can be modified to reflect your branding to make it more familiar and easy to use. It helps your store and warehouse teams to order quickly and also cuts down on errors. It's secure and offers all you'd expect and more: an online catalogue with product pictures and descriptions, and the ability to search items you need. You also get a range of reports, check your order history, set value or volume limits for each store such as control of budgets and spend, and track the status of orders. It's also multi-lingual.

Bunzl Select can also be used to allocate promotional items and send out guidelines to your stores so that everyone is kept up to-date and compliant.